Kids Martial Arts Program

We here at Bullman’s have trained thousands of kids between the ages of 4-12.



What are my kids going to learn?

We are going to teach your kids a real world application of Krav Maga, this is blended with eastern Martial Arts. Our kids Martial Arts program is a blend of the real world self defense techniques of Krav Maga with the mental benefits of the eastern martial arts, like Karate and Tae Kwondo.

What our kids programs are NOT

We are not going to be teaching your kids how to attack and fight each other. This program was built to create safety, not more problems.

Attending a Class

Your kid does not have to be some special athlete, they do not have to be a certain weight or in a certain shape. This is for all kids between the ages of 4-12 regardless of their strengths and weaknesses.

What this program will teach your kids…

  • modesty
  • courtesy

  • integrity

  • self control

  • perseverance

  • indomitable spirit

Ready? Let’s Get Started!


Common FAQs

The system we teach in our kids program is modified Krav Maga (a form of self defense). As such, we emphasize a practical defense and offense without the “fluff” and impractical techniques of other martial arts. We also instill the values of discipline, dedication, and responsibility while having a LOT of fun!

Other than what you already saw in the video, a typical kids class lasts 30 minutes and will open with a courtesy bow to both the instructor and to the parents (we keep this more traditional practice to encourage respect). Then the kids will engage in a warmup consisting of running, bodyweight exercises, and dodgeballs! Next, the instructor will lead the class in the techniques planned for that day using both verbal instruction as well as drills. Finally, after the students have learned the techniques for the day, the instructor often lets the kids play a game at the end of class. It’s an awesome blend of learning and fun!

Kids at any fitness level are encouraged to participate in our kids classes. The exercises are easily modified and are done for time intervals – this means that both very fit and less fit individuals get an appropriate workout. No matter the fitness level, the kids program will be both challenging and fun!

We provide the pants for the uniform at the first free class that you may keep. Otherwise, we require a Bullman’s T-shirt and his or her belt. No full Karate uniforms because they are too restrictive.

We have a class dedicated to 4 & 5 year olds. The next step up is our kids basic class which is from age 6-11 years old. The median age in the kids basic class is close to 8.

Kids basic is focused around learning, you guessed it, the basic technique, fitness, and discipline necessary to master Krav Maga. The advanced class focuses on sharpening the basics while building on techniques. All kids must start in the basic class, and with hard work will graduate into the advanced class.